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A BIG thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time to contact us to share their shopping experiences.

""I recently contacted, via email, ukphotodistro.co.uk to make enquiries about one of their products. The lady in the office was not able to fully resolve my queries which she, unbeknown to me, forwarded to the Sales Manager, who was apparently out of the office for the day. Later that evening (around 8pm) I received a phone call from the Sales Manager who was able to clarify the points that I had raised.
To show his confidence in the product he arranged to send one to me on a "Sales or Return" basis.
I don't expect that Sales people should work out of office hours but I found the experience and desire to satisfy my needs so refreshing. I suspect this Company is very unique in the way they treat their potential customers. It really epitomises the name of "Customer Service". Many other Companies could well take a leaf out of ukphotodistro's book.
Wishing the Company many, many years of successful business.
Roger from Dorset." 27/04/15

"After internet search for 100 x 150 glass filters by Lee or Hitech which are very very expensive. I found a company called NiSi who make 100 x 150 glass filters at responsible prices and found UKphotodistro sells very best prices around in UK, I bought NiSi Grad Hard and Soft 0.9 and Reverse Grad 0.9 also ND64, these filters are very well made and have better coated then Lee or Hitech filters.
I am very pleased with the quality of filters no colour cast, see attached my photo which use by reverse filter plus ND soft 0.9. I would recommend to my friends to buy NiSi filters.
UKphotodistro have been very helpful with their services." See photo attached.
Kind regards
Robert David Maynard photography (Photography)


"The first time I made an email inquiry with UKphotodistro, I was called back within minutes on a Sunday morning, which is unheard of, I was a little shocked!. It is always a pleasure to know that John is on the other end of the phone if I get stuck and need something in a hurry. Their level of customer service is second to none and there has never been any fuss when something needs sorting out, which as a full time Snapper is very important to me. Thanks John!"

James Shaw Pro (London)

"Received this morning. Excellent service."
P. Moffat Guernsey

"The shipment arrived safe and sound! Great equipment and a pleasure doing business with you, thanks!
Grey Proctor"
Perpetual Waves, LLC America
today i received a package with that small light from you,everything works well,thanks again for your passion,if i need something more from the photographic goods i will always buy it from you,becouse you are the best.
Tomas" Jan 2014
absolutely fantastic service.
ordered 28/10/13 mid afternoon
received 29/10/13 at 9.45am
i will be ordering from you again.
please feel free to quote me on your website if you wish"
Brian Kilimarnock Oct 2013

"Hi, Firstly, thanks for the info over the 'phone yesterday on which advice I ordered two Trigmaster units from your site. They arrived this morning within approx. 24 hours. That is just amazing!!!! Thanks."
Colin Camidge 15/10/13

And many, many thanks!
I got my batteries on monday.
It was a well-bundled packages.
And I was so surprised when I found these batteries for such a good price with you.
With tax and shipping, you were still about £100 cheaper than here in Sweden.
So I'll be looking for you again, and also speak good about you to others.
Have a great week.
Once again, many thanks.
Best regards
One lucky Swedish. ;)" Oct 2013

Hi John
Just to say a big thank you for the replacement connector lead that you shipped out to me after the original broke. It's a pity that not all companies are up to your standards of service.
Best Regards" Len Milburn July 2013

"The delivery and technical service and advice the I received from UKphotodistro and John Chavner had been second to non and the Trigmaster plus II remote units I have bought to replace another brand have proved themselves to be every thing they are claimed to be.
This company is a pleasure to deal with and I would recommend them to any photographer who is looking for quality products and service."

Pro Photographer
(Bristol 25.6.2013)

"Hi Guys, I know where I will be shopping again. Everything looks wonderful! TYVM!! Gerald (Canada)" 29th May 2013

"My purchase arrived this morning, next day delivery as promised.(Godox PB820)I am yet to use it but as a Wedding Photographer it seems to be the perfect solution to photographing my weddings in low light conditions. The customer care has been great and after speaking to John I felt confident enough to make the purchase. As a female photographer I sometimes experience unpleasant male photographic sales people. But not at UKphotodistro. It has been quite refreshing to deal with a company with old fashioned techniques in sales i.e a pleasant,helpful and friendly manner. I will buy more in future. Thank You!!" Ms Hamilton 29/11/12

"I purchased items as a birthday present, I just want to say what fantastic service I received. Nothing could have been delivered quicker or more safely. Thank you very much indeed." Mrs Seward 13/11/12

"2 of RS-2 Triopo- series ball head. Arrived at my home am 03/11/2012 The items are robust and ideal for our needs. There is no doubt that you have impressed me by your prompt service" D Whiteside, Lancashire 4/11/12

"DG2 GIMBAL HEAD.This is a great piece of kit i tried a gimbal from hong kong and it was rubbish i ordered this one and did not know what to expect,but i am more than satisfied it feels good looks good and works well on the tripod.Can i also say the service and delivery times from UKPHOTODISTRO LTD are fantastic.Well done every one involved and thanks very much" M Mundy Durham

"First off, excellent service and communication, calls returned, good advice, and quick turn around from payment to delivery my front door. Just received the FB2000 battery pack, and it is just as I expected, if a little bigger, but does what it says on the tin, and what more can you ask for. Think this will serve my purposes as a photographer very well." W. Wardle East Sussex

"Micnova Light Shaper. Recommended by a friend - Smiles with Smudge Photography so I bought one myself, yet to use it at a photoshoot but 1st impressions are it's a good piece of kit having seen the results from my friends wedding shoots. Highly recommended website and the aftersales service I've received from other kit I've had has been second to none. John cannot do enough to help and even gets in touch personally on a Sunday to sort any issues out - can't even get that from my local photography shop" (Not sure if we can guarantee everyone a Sunday call lol !!!!) Phil Rogers Pro Photographer 13/08/12

"Good Morning, I was surprised and delighted to receive my order early Saturday morning. This is a marvelous piece of kit; well worth waiting for. Thank once again, wonderful customer service" Mr R Akers 16.07.12 Ref Aputure Halo

GT-3229X8 Carbon Fiber Tripod & TRIOPO B-2 BALL HEAD "I have just returned from a two week trip in Norway & Belgium, and happy to report the tripod and head worked great. The tripod (GT-3229X8) folds down quite small and not to mention light and sturdy. The head was very simple to use and had no problem supporting a full frame camera & AF 24-70 lens. Also found you can fold down the tripod with head attached to fit in the decent carry bag supplied with the tripod, its a tight fit but easy once know this. Also thanks again to UKPHOTODISTRO for taking the time to respond to questions and personal service." Robert D London

"Dear team, your company is one of best i did ever deal with.Keep this going and best regards from me. Have great day people!!!!" petr petr Ireland 27.06.12

"Aputure Ring Flash arrived less than 24hrs after ordering. Excellent service and am very pleased with the product" Ms Taylor 10th July 2012

Review a Product NIKON GPS Comment "Just received the Micnova GPS-N unit for Nikon. For the low price it's excellent. I had good GPS signal lock after about 45 Seconds and then it just worked perfectly. Didn't even need the instructions. Delivery was quick even though you were at an exhibition over the weekend and couldn't post till Monday. Had the unit by early Tuesday morning. Arrived quickly, excellent price and worked perfectly. Couldn't find better for the price. Really pleased with the product, price and service. Will definitely recommend" Len Milburn 24/04/12

"I have purchased a APUTURE BP-E6 Battery Grip for my Canon EOS 5D Mkll and I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality as I was with the price (compared to Canon's own) and the standard of service from John Chavner and his company UK-PhotoDistro. Delivery was made the day following my order being placed. I have used the battery grip now for several weeks and cannot think of anything negative to say. In fact I am hard placed to tell the difference between it and my other grip which is Canon. Keep up the good work John. I will certainly be back." Paul B 16.05.12

"This was the most pleasant and easy Internet shopping experience that I have ever had both from the friendliness and product knowledge of the staff right through to their fast and efficient replies to emails and the first class postal service" Maurice N.Ireland 18/04/12

"I had cause to ring twice during the transaction and found the member of staff very helpful and more importantly very knowledgeable Carry on doing what you do I see very little room for improvement." David T Foster

"I would like to take the opportunity to say huge thanks for the customer service you have provided, and has made my shopping experience worthy of this comment. Putting the great products aside, I put the wrong postcode in the order, but they chased it for me and did what they could to resolve it. I did receive the goods and to top it all they added a free item a very useful one at that. It’s nice to see small companies putting customer service first rather than chasing the money. Best of luck" Adrian- Maidenhead

"You guys are a shining example what British companies should be - and seldom are! Your service and willingness to adapt to a customer needs makes you stand out - way above what I have experienced so far her in the UK. I thank you and appreciate very much the way you've taken care of my needs! And I will be back..=*^) Thanks again, Christer (an American in the UK)"

"Thank you for such rapid service and excellent communications. I purchased the Micnova GPS unit for Nikon and am extremely impressed with its functions - works brilliantly with Photoshop Lightroom 4. Cannot fault your service! Would certainly purchase from you again." Jeff Somerset

"I wanted to say a big 'thank you' for the excellent service I received . I ordered a Nikon flash lead for my ProPack PB820 flash pack, I can only say that the service was second to none, ordered at Midday on Monday - delivered 11am next day! you can't get any better than that! regarding the PB820 pack I can only describe this as an excellent piece of kit. I use it alongside my Quantum Turbo and it matches it shot for shot, it will recycle in 1 second. Considering every image shot is with the flash in bounce mode it really has to work and does an excellent job in fact i've never ever run out of power!. I've used the ProPack with my Nikon SB800s , my Quantum flash head and had absolutely no problems with it, however, I have had problems with my Metz AF58 AF2 gun overheating, it's fine but it can't keep up with rapid fire - this is a flash gun problem and nothing to do with the pack as it does the same thing when used with the Quantum, it may just be this particular model. When you consider the cost of this compared to the Quantum Turbo it is excellent value for money. You also get a car charging lead as well as a mains charger and I like mine in lime green! " 8/03/12 Jim from London PRO PHOTOGRAPHER FOR OVER 40 YEARS....

"Dear UKphotodistro, The parcel arrived as promised and my dad is over the moon. Thank you so much for your brilliant service Good luck and thank you again. Kind regards Nikki Cardiff " 11/02/2012

"I bought the Godox FB2000 battery and I must say I am very impressed with the product. The nikon version was a godsend. Also the support and help I got from you was second to none and impressed us all here" Steve Doncaster 22/02/12

"The item I bought, a Godex FB2000 battery pack is extremely well made and come with all the accessories you need. It works extremely well with my Metz AF58 Mk ll flash and is an excellent buy for anyone with a Canon, Metz, Nikon or Sony flashgun. A very good company too deal with. They offer excellent customer service with very prompt communications and speedy delivery of the item bought. I cannot recommend them too highly" T Smith Cornwall 03/03/12

"First class service. You responded fast to my belief that an external flash battery you sent me was faulty. I later realised that it was the connection inside my own flash which was the problem. I'm looking forward to using the battery pack when my flash has been repaired. Thank you for your prompt and friendly response. I had thought that the external battery for my flash was faulty and you sent a replacement immediately. Excellent service from you." Gordon_Glasgow 01/03/12

"I would like to Thank very much John Chavner for his level of service regarding some flash batery pack I bought from his company.I was very impressed and I am sure I will return as a customer"