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SIRUI Ball Heads GX, KX and CX series.

There are three series of SIRUI ball heads, the GX, KX and CX series. All series incorporate a 360-degree panel that is integrated in the base which allows photographers to do panoramic or continuous shooting. The ball heads come with quick-release plate platform that conforms to industry standard, Arca-Swiss type, thus suitable for a variety of quick-release plates. For the GX and KX series, a red safety button is also incorporated into the platform to prevent the quick-release plate from sliding off the platform easily. The CX series is suitable for Mirrorless or E.V.I.L cameras.

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GX SeriesKX Series CX SeriesL Series

Quality Has a Name - SIRUI

Universal Quick Release System
Easy adjusting and control system that allows you to insert and remove the plate quickly by loosening the knob or by pressing on the red safety lock.
Secondary Safety Lock
Serving as an added safey feature to prevent the plate from sliding off accidentally even when it isn't tightly fastened on the mounting platform.
Safety Stopper
This prevents the camera or lens from sliding off the plate, especially when it is tilted vertically at a 90-degree angle.
Spirit Level
The bubble level allows for better visual measurement of balance.
Indexed 360° Panning Base
Smooth and easy handling make panoramic shooting fun and enjoyable.
The Indexed Friction Control Knob
The integrated inner dial allows the photographer to lock the friction so that the tension of the ball remain consistent, which keep the camera and the lens firm and stable at that particular position.

The GX series has a separate knob for Fine adjustment of friction (ball movement rate).
The SIRUI KX-series has the adjustment integrated refined in the locking knob.
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