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For many years NiSi have manufactured the highest quality filters and filter systems so we are delighted that we are now able to distribute their products here in the UK.
Please take a moment to read one or two of the reviews already out there, we know you will be impressed!

UKphotodistro Limited

Nature Photo Magazine (Europe) Review
"the filter is made of Japanese pro glass, its quality speaks for itself. It is considered to be a professional, high-quality filter which is a good news as there are lots of different producer’s of filters out on the market and unfortunately they range from the pro quality to those of poor quality... The NiSi definitely belongs to the top range and its price is favourable too"

100mm &150mm System-- Square ND/GND/CPL Filters & Filter holder
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  • 100mm System
  • Soft GND 0.9
  • Hard GND 0.9
  • Reverse GND 0.9
  • ND8 (3 Stops)
  • ND64 (6 Stops)
  • ND1000 (10 Stops)
  • Square CPL

Launched in the UK at the
Photographic Show 2014

The 100mm & 150mm Square Filter System from NiSi
For Nikon,Canon & Zeiss

  • 150mm System
  • Soft GND 0.9
  • Hard GND 0.9
  • Reverse GND 0.9
  • ND8 (3 Stops)
  • ND64 (6 Stops)
  • ND1000 (10 Stops)
  • Square CPL (Exclusive)

  • Smooth transition of the gradual area
  • Made of optical glass
  • Double sides multi-coating
  • Laser etched font on surface
  • Prevent light-leaking EVA gasket design
  • Superior optical glass mateiral
  • Double precision grinding and polishing
  • Double side anti-reflective waterproof coating
  • Aviation aluminum meterial
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Adapter Rings (Sold Separately)

Hasselblad Exclusive........

95mm Fader ND filter
95mm ND1000 filter

LR UV Series

XD-W UV Series

MRC UV Series

Colorful UV Series

LR CPL Series

MC CPL Series

Pro CPL Series

ND 2000 Filter

ND1000 Filter

GC Grey Series

Fader ND 4-500

Fader ND 2-400



"After internet search for 100 x 150 glass filters by Lee or Hitech which are very very expensive. I found a company called NiSi who make 100 x 150 glass filters at responsible prices and found UKphotodistro sells very best prices around in UK, I bought NiSi Grad Hard and Soft 0.9 and Reverse Grad 0.9 also ND64, these filters are very well made and have better coated then Lee or Hitech filters.
I am very pleased with the quality of filters no colour cast, see attached my photo which use by reverse filter plus ND soft 0.9. I would recommend to my friends to buy NiSi filters.
UKphotodistro have been very helpful with their services." See photo attached.
Kind regards David Maynard (Photography)