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ArcSoft  Portrait+ Auto Retoucher for Portraits
ArcSoft Portrait+ Auto Retoucher Software
Our Price: £64.99 Inc VAT

ArcSoft Portrait+ Auto Retoucher for Portraits

"The first auto portrait retoucher"

"ArcSoft Portrait+ produces impressive
portraits and is now even easier to use"

***** "Portrait+ by ArcSoft is a simple, step by step photo
*****retouching program. It works by using face detection software"*****
---------------Top Ten Review Verdict:9.45/10

Original<_________________________________>Retouch<____________________________________>Make Up

ArcSoft Portrait+

Auto Retoucher for Portraits

  • The first auto portrait retoucher
  • Super-efficient batch processing saves your time and money
  • Accurate faces detection and natural skin-smoothing technologies
  • User-friendly workflow lets anyone create stunning portraits

"This product works really well. If you have a portrait where the faces are aimed at the camera you probably won't have to do any adjusting. For people with normal complexions, you may not need to go any further than a quick pass through Portrait+ and your retouching is done. For previewing images with your client or "light retouching" as stated earlier, it's perfect. The batch processing and speed at which it gets the work done are very big pluses."

- By Steve Bedell

2012 CES Innovation and Engineering Award

Portrait+ is based on ArcSoft's patented, award-winning (2012 CES Innovation and Engineering) and unique face feature recognition & photo processing technologies which have been appreciated by many imaging industry leaders like Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Kodak, Fujifilm etc.