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Exalux Shows Briks LED Lighting System

Exalux Briks lighting system is an ultra-portable, powerful LED lighting that works like “Legos of Light” to construct building block systems that can provide an answer to any complex location lighting situation.

Exalux said each user of Briks can create lighting to precisely match individual requirements. The Briks — 9cm x 9cm squared and ultra-bright LED panels — piece together (2x1, 3x1, 2x2, 3x3, 6x1…) to provide the required shape and power of light.

Briks are tunable from 2900K to 6000K (factory calibrated). A single Briks fixture delivers up to 800 lumens so that four combined ones create an 18cm x 18cm squared panel or a 36cm x 9cm rectangular one that outputs up to 3200 lumens in total quietness.

Another benefit is the ability of Briks to be remotely controlled by an app that works on Android tablet or smartphones. It’s a perfect setting for some ambient light, a balance light indoor or for small places like cars or lifts.

To complete Briks, Exalux has designed an accessory to help positioning several light sources in all corners of a room or inside cars and control each group simultaneously or separately. It’s called the Splitter.

Briks Splitter

Briks Splitter

The Splitter is a cable created to connect a group of Briks to a controller. Four groups can be connected. The controller becomes the heart of a complex lighting network.

The power supply of the whole system — battery or AC adapter — is plugged into it. CCT and brightness of each group can be wirelessly set in synchronization or separately (from 2900K to 6000K) with the Bluetooth Exalux app and a tablet or smartphone.

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The Briks X100C is a LED lighting module designed specifically for ultra compact combine luminous efficiency, color rendering and soft diffusion with Crystal White diffuser.
WHITE XTREM technology Exalux_Brik Starter Kit
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