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Aputure V-Screen Digital Video Monitor VS-1

Camera Equipment NOT Included

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Aputure V-Screen Digital Video Monitor VS-1

Incredible Value at under £100Inc VAT & Delivery


Supports various signal inputs
(HDMI, YPbPr & AV)

Supports various signal inputs including:
HDMI / YPbP r/ AV (Audio/Video1/Video2)

Widely fits all devices with appropriate signal inputs, such as DSLRs,
camcorders, etc.

Multiple shortcut options

V-Screen can apply different shortcuts to the directional pad. Shortcut options include:
Volume / Brightness / Contrast / Check field / Aspect ratio / Zoom / Screen marker

Shortcuts functions can avoid repeated button pressing, save shooting time, and give an immediate viewing experience.

Double power supply

Double power comes from the AC adapter and lithium batteries. Use the adapter with access to a power strip,
and use the batteries when shooting outside. Lithium batteries are also commonly used with LED video lights.

And more, V-Screen can charge batteries intelligently while powered by adapter. So you don't always need to
carry a battery charger.

Three Display Ratios

V-Screen uses 3 common display
ratios: 16:9 / 4:3 / Full Display

Switch the display ratio according to your
shooting ratio in order to avoid image
distortion, making for a clearer shooting

Speaker and headset stereo output
V-Screen can broadcast videos with a perfect MS stereo
system. Not only can you monitor image quality, but you
can also monitor the audio output, for a more professional
sound quality.

Firmware updates via USB

V-Screen is different from other video monitors in the
market. With firmware updates, you can improve its
compatibility, performance and functions with a simple
USB connection.

Slim & light body

V-Screen is only 23mm thick (at least 5mm thinner than competitors). It is truly “ultra-thin”.
It has a simple & elegant design, and abundance of functions in just a few buttons. Easily master shooting
videos with V-Screen.

Universal hot shoe mount

There is a universal hot shoe mount with swiveling
head, so you can check the videos from any angle
in a 360 degree radius.

Sunshade cover

Provided is a sunshade cover to monitor in bright sunlight. It is made of suitable opaque material and keeps a
nice shape, in order to block strong light so you can see the monitor clearly.

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